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Engineering expertise

Pumpair Solutions is a specialist engineering company, not a parts supplier. We don’t push one brand or one product range. Engineering expertise is our business.

When you are visited by our engineer, your application is assessed as a whole. If you need a component, your application is matched against our comprehensive product range to find the exact part you require. If your needs are more complex, then we will work with you to design a system to enhance your business.

Ideal product for your application

The reason Pumpair Solutions can offer you an ideal cost effective solution, is its comprehensive product range. We have access to some of the biggest, most respected brand names in the industry worldwide. Millions of other businesses rely on names like Gardner Denver, Thomas Industries, Pedro Gil, Busch – and you can too.

This infrastructure means that you have the benefit of local support with international technical back-up. Of course Australian conditions can differ markedly from conditions overseas. That’s why we offer you the Australian advantage. Our qualified Engineers come to you to assess your problem, your site and your expectations. We then match your application against our competitive product listing to find the solution that will work best for you.

Cost-effective solutions

Pumpair Solutions recognizes that your business is unique.

No matter what the application, you have unique needs, unique site concerns and your own expectations about your equipment’s performance levels. That’s why an on-site visit can be critical. Why trust your business to long-distance diagnosis or to appraisal by a non-specialist? We come to you to assess your application and work with you to find the most cost-effective solution.

We are confident you will be surprised and delighted to find that we can offer a solution which saves them time and money. And of course, the benefits of dealing with Pumpair Solutions don’t end with your purchase – we can provide ongoing technical support and offer a full service and repairs through our agents.